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<SAINTS OF EXODAR> is recruiting a few more semi-hardcore raiders to add to our roster to push content OR we are willing to do a cross-realm raid team merger. We are not willing to server/faction transfer. We will take in others if they wish to do so, but we are fine with cross-realm, we just want to have a full, reliable team to raid with to finish up NH and move into ToS. We have lost some people to real life, boredom, attendance, etc.

Our raid schedule is on Fridays 9 pm - midnight and Sundays 6 pm - 9 pm CST. The days, unfortunately, aren't negotiable but the times we might be able to bend a little.


The Nighthold - 10/10 N, 7/10 H (should be higher but had quitters due to real life, attendance, boredom, new games out, etc)
Trial of Valor - 3/3 N, 2/3 H (around time boredom started)
Emerald Nightmare - 7/7 N , 7/7 H (AoTC)


As we raid only 6 hours per week we want to use our time wisely. What is expected should be a no-brainer, but I have listed it:

Attendance - Be on time, with consumables, rolls, proper gems & enchants. We understand that people will miss occasionally, but we expect raiders to maintain a high attendance rate as consistent missing hurts the team.
Communication - We use Discord for raids, at a minimum be able to listen.
Accept constructive criticism - We want to help if help is needed.
Performance - Know your class/spec.
Patience - Wipes are expected, we don't want ragers or negative nellys as that brings down the morale of the team.

We run heroic dungeons, mythic dungeons and mythic+ keystone dungeons together. We are an adult bunch and therefore their is adult talk. If you are offended easily, are a sensitive snowflake of society or get butt-hurt over silly things, then you should stop reading right now.


Raid leader - We lost our raider leader and no one wants to take it on. It requires a lot of patience, knowledge, good communication skills, etc.
More DPS

Not fussy about the classes/specs. Just want to raid and kill sh!t.

For more information about joining Saints of Exodar, a possible cross-realm raid team merge or to ask questions please feel free to leave a post on here or add one of the below.

GM - Fancia#1926
Officer - Yoga#1744
Officer - Jeffthedrunk#1863
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