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re: App: Melodrama04

Name : Humidity
Server : Blade’s Edge
Level : 100
Faction : Alliance
Race : Night Elf
Class : Monk
Spec 1 : Mistweaver
Spec 2 : Windwalker
Armory Link:

Where did you hear about our guild:
Recruitment Forums

Why do you want to join our guild:
Raid days are great, looks like you take raiding seriously but keep it casual at the same time.

Please list past guilds and reason for leaving (if any):
I’ve bounced around trying to find the right fit for the last three expansions. I’m originally from Thunderhorn, was in a horde guild there for many years (BC/WotLK) before we stopped raiding in Cata. For WoD I was in Infinite Loop on Proudmoore with my priest (they stopped raiding) and recently in Dysfunctional Serenity on Thunderhorn.

Did you read the Saints of Exodar guild rules/operating procedures listed in the Forum tab under News? Do you understand and agree to them? Yes and yes.

What are you interests in the game (questing/raiding/social,casual,etc):
Raiding with awesome people is pretty much my main interest. I do the transmog hunt with alts too but raiding is what keeps things interesting for me. I’ve done a lot of proving grounds for the solo aspect of the game too. What motivates me is bettering myself as a player. I enjoy pushing myself and my character to get the max out of it.

Basically, I have the mentality of a hard core raider but I cannot commit to the schedule anymore. I work full time, grad school in the evenings, etc. I still love playing/healing and I really want to be able to continue it. My current guild is super flexible but they just cannot get it done. We have people with ilvl700 gear that do 20k dps. If we actually killed stuff I wouldn’t care but the good players matriculate out and we end up carrying too much dead weight to really progress. I am by no means a perfect player myself but I at least ‘try’ to move and learn from mistakes. It is just time for me to move on.

If you are applying for an open core team spot are you able to commit to schedule and the
raid rules?

Can you take constructive criticism and would you be willing to change specs if needed
for a fight?
I can definitely take constructive criticism. I *can* play an alt spec but I don’t particularly enjoy doing dps. I have a WW spec for solo stuff mainly.

Can you handle wiping on progression without getting annoyed & frustrated?

Please leave a link to either Warcraftlogs or World of Logs so we can see you in action for at least 3-5 minutes. This is required for a raid team position. Run a flex or LFR so we have some info to base our decision on if you have no current content logs.

What is your raiding experience?

I’ve been raiding for 10 years now, starting in MC. I did hard-core/semi hard-core raiding as a holy priest up until Cata when my guild stopped raiding. After that I have been much more casual with a few stints doing heroic (now mythic) progression in MoP as a resto shaman. In WoD I started as a holy priest but switched to my monk in late March. I have done most of Highmaul in heroic and about half of BRD in heroic. Currently up to Xhul in normal HFC but pretty sure I can hang in heroics.

What add ons do you use? We require Deadly Boss Mods for a core raid team position.
My addons I cannot live without are DBM, Grid, Drathals HUD, MistTracker (for my monk only), Bartender.

Do you know anyone in the guild currently? If yes, please list who.
I do not know anyone.
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